Okay, granted: a new family home won’t fit under the tree…

This year, Portland TVs have been filled with commercials that mix Santa with new

automobiles.  If you believe the ads, a number of automakers apparently offer models that will fly

like reindeer onto driveways for big boys and girls who are sufficiently nice.  One do­gooder is

portrayed stitching up Santa’s ripped tunic in an act of selfless un­naughtiness that earns him a

new sedan on the big day.

We are pleased to say we haven’t seen a National Association of REALTORS

Santa and elves flying a new home onto a surprised family’s driveway, but the idea is no more

divorced from reality than Santa’s barnful of vintage Mercedes (it looks like he loves the red

coupe best).  If you’ve never thought about shopping for a home during the year-­end holiday

season, you might be surprised to consider that in some cases this is a very fortuitous time of year

for home sales.  Aside from the few who can actually give such a fantastic gift (it actually

happens!), there are a couple of other reasons why holiday Portland metro area home sales do take place:

Lower Prices

First of all, nothing typifies the holiday spirit quite like the spirit of generosity—and at this

time of year, there are some Portland home sellers who are predisposed to be more generous than

usual.  The possibility of their accepting lower offers doesn’t necessarily owe to holiday altruism

decking their halls.  Fewer visits and fewer offers are made over the holidays, while at the same

time there are a number of circumstances that could materially benefit sellers who can close out

the Old and usher in the New before calendar year’s end.  In some cases, as Forbes points out,

home sales may be a matter of the seller wanting to complete the transaction before year’s end for

tax purposes—or simply to get the sale out of the way.

Favorable Rates

When you buy in part determines how much you’ll pay, and the waning days of 2014 still

offer historically low home loan interest rates.  Whether home sales in Portland during the coming year

will long be able to boast the same advantage is a matter of conjecture, but certainly this is one

year when beneficial rates are in place.  Last ­minute year-­end shoppers may reap a happier holiday

if they’ve locked in the kind of rates currently available.

Asking Santa for a new home may sound like a bit of an overreach, but for those who make

this year’s holiday buying benefits work in their favor, it can be a most memorable season! And

for the rest of us who will be leaving a chocolate chip cookie and milk by the fireplace…it

couldn’t hurt, could it?

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