Why it is that we’re drawn to “Top 10” lists in general is a matter we can leave to the psychologists. Suffice it to say that the lists are a staple on the supermarket tabloids and they’re all over the web. I admit they get more than their share of my own attention, even when my curiosity about a list’s subject matter is negligible. It’s probably because they’re quick to skim through and agree or disagree with…

Since they are so pervasive, it occurred to me that there might be something to learn if we could determine which ones that deal with real estate topics get the most attention. Northwest real estate didn’t have its own area-focused Top 10 real estate lists—but for the whole country, I guessed there could be hundreds (there were).

There turned out to be a lot of ads mixed in with the ones that were legitimate; but after 15 or so minutes of deep internet research, here’s what registers as—

The Top 10 Top 10 Real Estate Lists

(Out of deference to the now-retired David Letterman, they’re presented in reverse order):

#10. Top 10 Choices for a Rental Apartment with Pool in NYC

#9. Top 10 Real Estate Terms Everybody Should Know

#8. Another Top-10 List—Best (and Worst) Cities for Real Residential Estate [sic]

#7. Top 10 Real Estate Traps (fyi, Number 10 is ‘Bad Laws’)

#6. TopTenRealEstateDeals (it’s actually a website, so no spaces between words)

#5. Top 10 Real Estate Trends

#4. Top 10 Real Estate Myths

#3. Top 10 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2016

#2. Various Top 10 Real Estate Lists [honest, that’s the name of a list!]

-drumroll, please:

#1. Top 10 Celebrity & Spectacular Homes

Number 1 won’t come as a surprise to many here in Portland—who can resist an invitation to take a peek at spectacular celebrity homes?

Closer to our home, we have some pretty spectacular properties on the market right now (you can find them here on my site). Interested? Give us a call for a closer look!

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