The photos that make up your Portland listing will be key to your home’s marketing effort. If that first impression is positive (or even if it only raises curiosity), those images will have helped you past the all-important first hurdle.

What makes a Portland listing a visual triumph? I’m afraid that belongs in realm of art, so to a certain extent remains unclassifiable. But some factors that inevitably prevent a good listing shot are a lot easier to describe. Chief culprits:

We’ve all seen listing photos where you can barely to make out what you’re supposed to be looking at — dim shots that make a house look grey and dirty. Since everyone is drawn to a home that’s brightly lit and inviting, when in doubt, turn on more lights! Bright photo highlights make a home look clean and sparkly, so help your Portland agent plan the photo shoot at the time of day you know your house looks its brightest — and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, be willing to re-schedule.

A Portland listing that shows even a few rooms that haven’t been properly de-cluttered can end up alienating potential buyers. Serious buyers want to be able to envision how a house will look once they move in: hard to do when the floors, walls or shelves are packed with your belongings.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook garbage cans, gardening equipment, or exterior décor touches that once looked nice (and now, let’s face it, don’t). Even though we’re in the midst of the holiday season, don’t let holiday decorations show — in a few weeks they will make it harder for buyers to envision what the property looks like any other time of year. If possible, photograph the house on a bright day with the sun behind you (but remember to keep your shadow out of frame).

You don’t have to be an Ansel Adams to take winning Portland metro area listing photos. Acing the Portland listings is just part of a good campaign — and if you’re ready to market your own home, part of why you should give us a call. It’s actually a great time of year to sell! Call us at (503) 389-0686 to get the process started.