We are honored and proud to partner with Community Vision, Inc. This organization has provided us with incredibly reliable and conscientious workers over the past few years. Most recently, we’ve been working with Chris who has proven to be an important part of our team! Chris helps us out by running important errands such as puting up our Sold stickers, delivering directional signs and flyers and many other important tasks for us each week. Check out this inspiring video featuring Chris and our team:


Here’s a bit more about what Community Vision does:

“Community Vision, Inc. works to make Oregon a place where people with developmental disabilities can live, work, and thrive in whatever communities they choose. We offer a network of services- including supported living, independent housing and homeownership, and employment services- to make this possible.

All of our programs are grounded in the belief that people do well when they are recognized as individuals, not the sum of their diagnoses. Staff work one-on-one with participants to identify personal strengths, challenges, and goals. Individualized support allows each participant to move toward those goals at his or her own pace. Our goal is to help them become engaged and productive in
their own communities, access meaningful equitable employment
and financial security and enjoy to make basic choices about their

For more information on Community Vision and how you can get involved please visit their website at www.cvision.org.